It's time to finally put that huge vase in your house to good use. Saturday, April 11, is the first-ever "Bring Your Own Cup" Day at 7-Eleven and Kennewick is participating!

3606 W Clearwater Ave
Kennewick, WA

As long as you bring in a container that's under 10 inches in diameter, they'll let you fill it up with a Slurpee for just $1.49. Ten inches in diameter is pretty big... so if you have a container that big, it can probably hold at least a GALLON of Slurpee. you cannot use shoes, helmets or anything unsanitary (don't use sweaty stuff!! don't be gross people!! use common sense).
7-Eleven has tried the whole BYO cup thing in other countries before, and they say people have filled up plant pots, tea kettles, bike helmets, and plastic bags.