To commemorate their 85th birthday 7-Eleven is celebrating by giving out free 7.11-counce Slurpees today until 7 p.m.

In 2007 the 7-Elevent store located at 3606 W. Clearwater  in Kennewick claimed the title of Slurpee Capitol of the World... but were they?

Apparently there was controversary when a local Real Estate agent Cari McGee blogged about Kennewick being the Slurpee Capitol of the World. The citizens of Winnipeg, Canada caught wind of the blog and were outraged. Here's what they had to say in an article on a Canadian web-site.

Here is Cari's response to Winnipeg. I thought it was quite funny.

Well back to the story: it's going to be another triple digit day in the Columbia Basin so don't forget to grab a Slurpee and stay cool.