According to information released by the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office, could he be considered a bit dangerous?

Obviously we don't want citizens trying to make arrests, but WWCSO Deputies say if you see this suspect, call (509) 527-1960 or (509)-628-0333.

He is 36-year-old Burbank resident Nathan D. R. Sherbahn, he's 6' tall, 210 lbs, and has distinctive red hair.

He's wanted by the Sheriff's Department and authorities for a failure to show up for his sentencing; he's been charged with two counts of Distribution of Controlled Substance to Minors.

Officials didn't specify what kind of drugs, but to get them to minors or underage kids is particularly dangerous.

He's from Burbank, but is also known to frequent the Tri-Cities, and Sunnyside. The WWCSO added this to their report, "if you see him please do not try to apprehend him", but call the numbers listed in this story.

No other information was released relating to this case.

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