Ahh, Mickey D's. Mac's Lounge. The Golden Arches. Have you noticed most new McDonald's restaurant signs don't have the word "McDonald's" on them anymore? Just golden arches on a red backdrop. It's all you need.

So, as one of the most recognizable brands in the world is coming up on the, wait for it, golden anniversary of one its most popular menu items, let's get cracking in the marketing department. McDonald's is unveiling some quirky Quarter Pounder-themed products to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic burger.

Fanatics can now buy a six-pack of candles that combine to create the familiar smell of their favorite burger. Scents include: a bun, ketchup, pickles, cheese, onion and beef.


And you really do have to be a fanatic to the level of the Hamburglar. Even Grimace has to wonder why not just put all six scents into one candle? Right, because making the consumer buy SIX candles to burn at once for the desired effect means a potential six times profit through jacking up the price.
Oh, but wait, if you don't like pickles, just burn five, no onions or pickles, only spark four and so it goes.
Yes, but I have to buy the whole pack. If I don't want onions or pickles or any other ingredient in the first place, why am I now stuck with a candle whose smell I don't desire in the first place? And, sold separately, of course, five other scents to customize your preferred aroma.
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I'm lovin' it? Kinda, but not so much.
What ultimately saves the day for me is Pulp Fiction. Happy 50th Anniversary to the Royale With Cheese.