Thanks to a fast-acting citizen, a cash-box robbery was stopped at Saturday's Petsmart adoption event in Kennewick at 6807 W. Canal Drive.

Petsmart is known for its Saturday adoption events and a thief decided to take advantage. He thought a quick grab-and-go with the cash box would yield an easy score -- well, not so much.

The Kennewick Police explained the circumstances of the "in-progress theft" that led to the arrest:

A male suspect stole a money box from a victim during an event at Petsmart.  As the male fled, the victim notified other citizens.  One of those citizens took action and tackled the suspect.  An additional suspect fled in a vehicle. An altercation ensued between the citizen and the suspect until KPD officers arrived.  The officer took the suspect into custody without further incident.  The suspect... was identified as Jesse Francisco Martinez (23) and was arrested on the allegations of robbery 2nd degree and felony assault... The suspect vehicle that fled is an older white Pontiac Grand AM with red racing stripes and Oregon license plates.

It was the quick thinking and fast action of some good Samaritans that stopped the alleged thief from making off with the cash box.

It is sad that crooks will strike anywhere, even at a pet adoption event but karma was on duty Saturday and luckily the robbery ended with suspect arrested and no one harmed.

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