Our good friend Joel Watson of Just Joel's is up to his usual shenanigans of raising money for worthwhile charities right here in the Tri-Cities.

Sunday is National Pi Day and if you'd love to purchase a pie for your Sunday family dinner, the place to go is Just Joel's as he's helping out Pasco's Grace Kitchen.

If you are not familiar with Grace Kitchen, they are a non-profit that offers job training and mentoring to women.

One of the programs that Grace Kitchen offers is that women can come in to help pack homemade spices and meat rubs which are then sold in stores around the area.

Their goal is to help mentor women with job skills and help lift women out of poverty.

They are fairly new to Tri-Cities and are located in the old Pasta Mama's building in downtown Pasco.

In a recent interview, Watson says he's trying to raise money to help them repair their air conditioning unit.

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Just Joel's will offer up three pies to purchase and they can be picked up at Grace Kitchen this Sunday from 1 PM to 3 PM. The three pies that you can purchase are coconut cream, pistachio cream, and chocolate peanut butter.

The pies cost $25 but all money received goes to Grace Kitchen.

My wife and I had an Almond Roca pie for our Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious.

I'm already eyeing that Pistachio Cream pie!

Grace Kitchen is located at 112 N. 2nd Ave in Pasco and if you are interested in ordering a pie for PI day and a great cause, call Just Joel's at 509-396-3846 or 509-567-0550.


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