Crime doesn't stop for anyone, not even a pandemic. We had a nice reprieve when folks were in lockdown and quarantine and couldn't actively commit crimes but it looks scammers are back at it again.

Kennewick Police Department is looking for 3 suspects who have a stolen debit have been shopping all over the Columbia Basin. Do you recognize them?

Rik Mikals

The Kennewick Police Department posted this on their Facebook page:

The Kennewick Police Department would like the community's help in identifying the 3 subjects. It is alleged that a stolen debit card was used at a local store on 06-29-20 and we believe that these subjects were involved in the fraudulent purchases. If you know who any of the subjects are please contact SECOMM at 509-628-0333 and reference the listed case number. Thank you!

If you see these baddies, reach out to our friends at the Kennewick Police Department or you can check out more information here.

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