Here Are 10 Famous Mascots From Washington State

When you go to a sports game, what's the first thing you notice apart from the thrilling game? Of course, it's the mascot – the fun-loving, energetic, and often hilarious character that represents the team!

Utah v Washington
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Can You Name All 10 Of These Famous Mascots From Washington State?

When my son was young, he loved going to events and getting his pictures taken with the various mascots.

We've got a lot of great memorable mascots right here in the Tri-Cities and in Washington State but I thought I'd have some fun and spotlight the best of the best.

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You might not realize it, but most mascots have a name besides the animal they represent so I thought I'd include their "real" names and see how many of these you can get without peeking.

Here are our top 10 mascots in Washington State:

Can You Name 10 of Washington State’s Best Mascots by Their Names?

Take our quiz, Can you name these 10 famous mascots from Washington State?

Did you get all 10 names?

I'm sure there might have been a few you missed but hopefully, you had fun with our list. If we left off a mascot, let us know in the comments below so we can add them to a future article.

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