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Favorite Meats on the Grill...Do You Agree?
Labor Day over the years has grown into more than just a day off.  The "workingmen's holiday" traditionally brings parades, store sales, and of course, the ever-popular barbecue!  Often, it's a great day for friends snd family to get together to enjoy food and f…
OR Governor Extends COVID-19 State of Emergency
Oregon Governor Kate Brown has extended the Covid-19 State of Emergency for another 60 days.
The Oregon Health Authority has confirmed a new coronavirus death in the state and report 159 new cases.
Since the pandemic began, Oregon has a total of 459 deaths and 26-thousand-713 cases of COVID-19...
Renters Rules Regarding Smoke Alarms
Are you renting?  Do you know your responsibility when it comes to smoke alarms for your rental property?  Who supplies the smoke alarms?  Do you know how to replace the battery?
In Washington, landlords are required to provide working smoke detectors in the unit, however, it is the TE…
Are You Ready For Pumpkin Spice?
Get set for it!  Yep.  We've entered the season of All Things Pumpkin Spice.  I'm all for a great pumpkin spice latte or coffee, flavored with pumpkin spice.  Is it too early?  I mean, it's still Summer.
Today, I heard that Starbucks had the flavor available...
Forget Snowmageddon--Irrigation Outlook Growing Worse
Regardless of Snowmageddon in February, it's the snowpack in Cascades and elsewhere, and reservoir levels that determine what water will look like irrigation wise this year, and every year.
Kennewick Irrigation District, and others, are now saying the water levels are dropping when it comes to p…
Walla Walla KMart Saved by $4 Billion Buyout?
Despite a plethora of conflicting information, it appears the Walla Walla KMart store has survived the dozens of store cuts made across the country.
Despite hundreds of Sears and KMart stores being shuttered, a $4.4 billion dollar buyout by former CEO Eddie Lampert was formally approved earlier this …

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