What is a "cathead" biscuit?

Don't worry, it is not made from any feline parts! lol They are biscuits that are so big, they are the SIZE of a cats head.

Soon you will be able to try them at a new food truck called KC’s Biscuits and BBQ that opens in 2019 in Tri-Cities.

The owners, Kelly and Charlotte Williams, say their new food truck will specialize in southern style BBQ and large fresh "cathead" biscuits.

It will have"a versatile menu of cathead biscuits paired with breakfast meats, gravy, eggs and other combinations" says the Williams.

The plan is to be open sometime in the early summer of 2019. Total cost of the food truck is estimated to be around $70,000.00 according to reports.

You can find out more and follow the progress of the new food truck on their Facebook page here.


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