Weather so far this winter has been dicey and we still have several months to go. As a radio announcer I am often perplexed but some school's decisions not to close or delay for the day...for instance last Wednesday

Pasco schools closed for the day because of the ultra slick roads meanwhile Kennewick and Richland were on a 2 hr. delay...CBC which is located in Pasco however did not delay or cancel? Hmmm not sure why because it was extremely Icy that morning I know because I had to get in the studio and report it to you!

According to CBC's Severe weather policy:

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will the decision to close CBC be made the day or night before?
A: No. The determination to close CBC is made by 6:00 a.m., the day of class.

Q: If CBC is closed, are athletic and other extracurricular activities also cancelled?
A: Yes.

Q: Day classes were held, but an emergency notice was sent that evening classes are cancelled. What is considered an evening class?
A: On rare occasions, evening classes are cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. Evening classes are those that begin at 5 p.m. and later.

Q: If my child's school is closed or delayed, can I bring my child to class?
A: No. CBC's Policy does not allow children to attend classes. Please make other arrangements.

And finally

No Notification, Means No Cancellation.
Information will only be posted or announced if CBC should close. That determination is made by 6 a.m., after area roads have been driven and information obtained from weather reporting services. Employees and students are expected to use reasonable judgment regarding traveling in inclement weather/adverse road conditions.

My advice if you truly know it is unsafe for YOU to drive stay home and study!!