This is an Epiphone SG. For some reason, I am drawn to the sound of the Epiphones. This belonged to a friend of mine and I convinced him to sell it to me because I love the tone. It's not super expensive, I just prefer it over Gibson, Martin and Taylors.

The SG was reshaped from the original Les Paul design in the 1960s to make it more affordable. It's supposed to be an "everyman" guitar -- how practical of me!

SG stands for solid guitar and is popular for lower frets. It's kind of heavy, but I just love the sound.

This will now be the guitar I perform with. I usually play accoustic at home for practice. I like accoustics at gigs, but my band (The Shades) wants me to switch to electric, so I wanted this SG.

I sing with The Shades Feb. 28 and March 1 at Tony Roma's on Gage Blvd. starting at 8 p.m.

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