Well most of you know I've been singing in bands for years, but I never really played an instrument. I had a few songs that I played "parts" on when I was in The SHADES.

I've ALWAYS loved the guitar and wanted so much to learn how to play it!  But, guitar I believe is particularly difficult. None the less... I decided this past year to try to learn enough to play through some of the songs that we perform in the Acoustic Duet that I'm in with Tony Woods. (Who by the way is my guitar teacher)

Anyway, I'm far from good and I'm still in the beginning stages of learning. And honestly there are some songs that I can now play way better than the ones in this video! But, these are new songs that I am just learning...and I wanted to show you that it's okay to put yourself out there and be okay with NOT being good. People don't seem to mind. I find they are actually quite encouraging!

So If there is something new YOU want to try! Here is an encouraging word for YOU! DO IT! Even though I'm not good YET..I am enjoying learning it so much! And, .I figure by the time I am 80, I'm gonna be tearing' it up!

I've only been playing not quite a year. And my voice isn't so great in these, as I just woke up...and I have no make up on either! And I mess up some in the videos but here's  an inside look at what I like to do at home when I have some spare moments in the morning!

Is there something you would like to learn but think you are too old? Or you're just afraid you will be awful at it?  Well, this is what it is for me! but, I'm doing it anyway!! and I think you should TOO! Post your reply!


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