Chesterley Park is beautiful! A perfect place for soccer tournaments, movies in the park, you can skateboard there and they even have paths to walk or roller that still a thing? If not I think I might need to bring it back! :)

I have been wanting to go walking there and the last time I drove by I noticed some new fences and it looks like something was going on, but what?

I didn't realize that yesterday there was a ceremony to kick-off construction of a new aquatic Chesterley Park!!! Did you know about this? CLICK HERE

The pools in this area of been dwindling, I used to be a lifeguard and would probably get some crazy looks if I started talking about the pools I used to work at that don't exist anymore #sigh. So I am SO happy to hear we have broken new ground and a BIG shout-out goes to Yakima YMCA and also Rotary Aquatics Center PLUS all the supporters of the 20 Million that has been raised for this project! :)

Yesterday 13 excited children got to "break ground" ceremoniously kicking off the construction that will soon be happening in the area.

“We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our first partner — the city of Yakima,” said YMCA executive director Bob Romero. Amen to that! Way to go Yakima and who is ready for a cannonball tournament?

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