An NYC couple who hosted a popular show on a New York City radio station have been found dead after a week in their apartment.

According to the New York Daily News, 48-year-old John Littigm, a musician and motivational speaker, and 46-year-old Lynn Rosen, a psychotherapist, hosted a show on WBAI-FM.

The non-commercial station featured what their website calls "progressive and independent news, arts and music."

Rosen and Littig, who lived together, hosted a show called "The Pursuit of Happiness" in which they challenged listeners to become comfortable with change, and urged people not to be afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

Neighbors in their 10-unit brownstone apartment building alerted the superintendent earlier this week about a foul smell coming from the unit where Rosen and Littig had lived together for two decades. The manager forced open the door after noticing blood was dripping through the floor of their living room into the basement below.

NYC firefighters and police found the two on the living room couch. Their partially-decomposed bodies had been there for at least a week. They had committed suicide with what is called an increasingly popular method (and often used in Euthanasia) called "exit bags." They tied helium-filled bags over their heads and suffocated themselves. Experts say such a method is quick and painless as the "victim" passes out before realizing they are suffocating.

They left two separate notes. In one of them Littig hinted he could not watch his wife suffer anymore. Friends hinted Rosen had been suffering psychological issues for some time.  While most who knew them described them as appearing to be happy, a former neighbor indicated they both had a much darker side, punctuated by fits of rage and screaming by Littig at all hours of the night.

Police say autopsies this week should indicate when they passed away.

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