Electric scooters may soon be coming to College Place. It's a mode of transportation both affordable and environmentally friendly.

The College Place City Council is considering adding a fleet of Bird electric scooters to rent. Just as Hermiston and Pendleton have approved them, Walla Walla is also considering the addition of scooters for rent as a way for users to navigate the area.

Bird currently has electric scooters in more than 100 cities. The College Place City Council will be voting on the plan next week, which has already been given the nod of approval by the College Place Youth Advisory Board and the Parks, Arbor, & Recreation Board.

If the plan is approved, 25 scooters will be available to rent as soon as May, and more will be added based on demand.

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The scooters will be placed at locations where they'll be used the most. Every night from 10 pm-6 am the scooters will be taken in by Bird staff at the warehouse. The scooters will be charged and maintenance performed.

Interested users will find the scooters on a map on the Bird app and use the QR code on the scooter. The app will have the rider complete a safety session.


The scooters will be maintained by local staff who will be responsible for repairing any broken scooters and sanitizing them. The scooters will be available in high-demand areas.

The Bird scooters have GPS tracking so, at all times, so staff can locate them if needed.

The scooters would only run within the city limits. Once the scooter reaches outside the city limit, the scooter would beep, the rider would get a notification they’re exiting the zone, and the scooter would turn off. However, the wheels are not locked due to safety concerns. The rider could ride off with the scooter, but the location would still be traceable.

Read more about the scooters here.

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