What lurks below the Columbia River is truly amazing!

You can find everything from beautiful sturgeon to salmon, steelhead, and trout. People fish this river for the big one. And, an amazing 69-foot canyon was found in Richland! Unbelievable!

An amazing canyon 69 feet deep was discovered in Richland!

What else can be found in the majestic Columbia River?

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Believe it or not. There was indeed a shipwreck discovered. It was the Elco II.

Is it true you can catch lobster in the Columbia River?

PNW Fulltime Adventures-Youtube
PNW Fulltime Adventures-Youtube

Watch this!

It appears there's almost everything at the bottom of the Columbia River!

You never know what you'll find.

PNW full-time adventures Youtube
PNW full-time adventures Youtube

Trash or treasure. And, there's a whole lot of trash.

The Columbia River is one of the world's greatest sources of hydroelectric power. You can learn more about the Columbia river here.

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