Calm, cool and collected he simply asked 'What are you doing in my  home?' And, the woman answered... 'I live here! This is my home!'

It happened in the Green Lake District of Seattle, when the Seattle man saw a light on coming from his office, and then a woman's voice.

The woman had been living in the attic for days and escaped using a chain, fire escape contraption to hang over the side of the attic window of the house and fled the scene.

The man called police but she was gone, gone, gone!

Now I can sympathize with this woman who was probably just simply looking for a warm, safe, and dry place to sleep. And, have you seen the prices of housing in Seattle! It's crazy how expensive it is!

I'll be moving there soon, and don't think that doesn't concern me!

I wish I was wealthy enough to put up homeless centers all over for people who simply needed a warm, safe place to rest and eat! I would like to hire all of them to do a community garden and grow food for everyone that lives in the housing units. And then work in the gardens and kitchens etc, so they are contributing.

Lots of mental health issues, coincide with homelessness. And that is also sad. We need more mental health centers and treatment options.

In the mean time, it may be a good idea to put a lock on the attic door.

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