Are Red Quarters Valuable? Why Are There Red Quarters In Washington State?

If you've ever visited an arcade or a laundromat in Washington State, you may have come across a peculiar sight - red quarters.

Red Quarters In Washington State Actually Have A Logical Function

As a kid I always wondered what the deal was when I would occasionally come across a red quarter - after a little deep dive, here are four reasons why painted red quarters once existed in Washington State.

One of the main reasons why some quarters are painted red is because they were used by arcade owners to check machines when customers complained that a machine wasn't working.

By using these red quarters, arcade owners could easily identify which machines needed maintenance or repairs. This practice helped ensure that all machines were in working order, providing a better experience for customers.

In addition to being used in arcades, red quarters were also used for free laundromats and the occasional jukebox.

These coins, often referred to as "house" coins, allowed patrons to use the machines without having to pay.

credit: youtube/captain unusual
credit: youtube/captain unusual

This was a common practice in certain establishments where owners wanted to provide a service to their customers at no cost. The use of red quarters made it easy for owners to track which coins were part of the free offerings.

Furthermore, red quarters were once used by utility men who checked phone booths. These employees would use the red coins to test the functionality of the phone booth and ensure that it was in proper working condition.

By using these distinct coins, utility men could easily keep track of which booths had been checked and maintained. The use of red quarters in this context helped streamline the process of maintaining public phone booths.

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Another interesting reason why some quarters are painted red in Washington State is that they didn't count as income because the "house" had used them. This allowed businesses to provide certain services or perks without impacting their revenue stream.

By using red quarters for specific purposes such as free laundry or arcade games, businesses could offer added value to their customers without compromising their bottom line.

Next time you come across a red quarter in Washington State, remember that there's more than meets the eye behind this seemingly ordinary coin and where it's traveled from.

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