Benton County Sheriff's Deputies and Kennewick Police are still searching for the early-Wednesday-morning "ghost rider" who led an officer on a 90mph chase, then crashed and dumped his bike.

Around 1am on SR397 a deputy on patrol spotted the rider blasting by at high speed, and he was clocked at 90mph. Despite giving chase, the rider tried to elude the officer, twisting his way through several turns on the portion of the state route near Finley, south of Chemical Drive.

However, the rider failed to negotiate one of the corners and piled his bike into the ditch. He then was able to flee on foot as he had enough of a lead on the deputy's patrol car.  A search of the area didn't turn up the suspect but Benton County now has his bike, license plate, and registration tabs. It probably won't be long before he is caught.

From the look of the photograph, it doesn't appear the rider sustained serious injury, and he was able to flee on foot -- but officers are not certain.

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