DB Cooper Was Behind The World's Only Unsolved Case Of Air Piracy In History

One of the most famous FBI cases in Washington State remains unresolved after decades.

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DB Cooper Committed The Crime Of The Century In Washington And Oregon

If you could solve this mystery, you'd be smarter than the FBI which has spent the last 50 years trying to solve the infamous skyjacking over the state of Washington and Oregon. 

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Can You Solve Washington State's Most Unusual Hijacking Case?

According to the FBI famous cases website, here are the details on the mysterious D.B Cooper and what he did that still remains unsolved after all these years.

On the afternoon of November 24, 1971, a nondescript man calling himself Dan Cooper approached the counter of Northwest Orient Airlines in Portland, Oregon.


He used cash to buy a one-way ticket on Flight #305, bound for Seattle, Washington.

credit: FBI.GOV
credit: FBI.GOV

As the FBI site states, this is where the greatest unsolved case for the FBI began.

credit: FBI.GOV
credit: FBI.GOV

Above: During the hijacking, Cooper wore this black J.C. Penney tie, which he removed before jumping; it later provided us with a DNA sample.

Cooper got comfortable on the plane, ordered a drink, and then once the Boeing 727 was airborne, he presented a note to the stewardess after showing her that he had a case with a bomb on it and asked for $200,000 in twenty-dollar bills. She complied and gave the note to the pilots of the plane

The flight landed in Seattle and Cooper allowed the 36 passengers off for an exchange of money and parachutes and then the flight took off again, setting course to Mexico City.

What makes the story interesting is that Cooper bailed out of the plane somewhere between Seattle and Reno with the money into the darkness...never to be heard from again.

The FBI has spent a decade trying to solve the case when in 1980, a young boy found a rotting package of 20 dollar bills while raking sand along the Columbia River near Vancouver Washington. The retrieved money matched the serial codes from the hijacking and totaled $5800 but the rest of the money and D.B. Cooper were nowhere to be found.

credit: FBI.GOV
credit: FBI.GOV

Over the decades' much speculation has been made about the whereabouts of D.B. Cooper but no one including the FBI seems to have answers. In 2016, the FBI officially allocated its resources elsewhere and it seems the mystery of D.B Cooper might never get solved.

One interesting note, D.B Cooper seems to be the name the media gave the hijacker and not any law enforcement agency.

The FBI has posted some amazing photos and videos on their website all in the search of D.B Cooper.

If you could solve the mystery and find the cash, you'd be a national hero. The mystery will keep you enthralled as you try and piece together the information and facts of this infamous hijacking case.

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