My son flagged me about the Playground of Dreams leftover inscribed wooden fence pickets that have gone unclaimed from the 2004 rebuild after the arson fire that torched the original spread in Columbia Park. Those pickets were taken down and stored in 2018 to prep for the major playground renovation which has subsequently been completed.

I thought for sure the ex-wife had snapped it up, but alas, she had not.

Mine now, eeder deeder deeder.

I'm so mature.

About 1400 pickets were removed by the 2018 volunteers and only 200 or so have been claimed.

The city of Kennewick has a deadline of October 30th for individuals, families and businesses to claim about 1,200 of the pickets left in storage.

It's very easy to stake your claim, pun intended, just go here to see if you're on the list and then go here to fill out a quick form that takes just a few moments and then you're ready to go claim your picket at the Southridge sports complex.

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