Do The Hell's Angels Have A Chapter Here In Washington State?

I'll be the first to tell you as a kid, I was terrified of the Hells Angels, a notorious biker club, that got its start in Fontana California in 1948.

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Did The Hell's Angels Ever Come To Washington State?

I grew up in the 70's and 80's and the Hells Angels had quite the reputation I lived 30 miles outside of town on State Route 129, right along the Washington and Oregon border. I liked camping outside in my tent and once had thought that the Hells Angels might snatch me in the middle of the night from my foster parents --- I was eight years old so you can imagine my imagination running rampant.

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I've never personally met a member of the Hells Angels but they are infamous and considered one of the big "four" biker gangs according to law enforcement along with the Pagans, Outlaws, and the Banditos.

It got me thinking, has the Hells Angels ever operated out of Washington State? I might've been an eight-year-old kid with a wild imagination and they never existed in Washington State.

Photo by Oleg Yeltsov on Unsplash
Photo by Oleg Yeltsov on Unsplash

I did a little digging and there still is an operating membership club of the Hells Angels in Washington State.

They are called the Washington Nomads and operate out of Spokane Washington.

Photo by Steven Erixon on Unsplash
Photo by Steven Erixon on Unsplash

I discovered that the first officially chartered Hells Angels club was in 1994 --- long after I had grown up so obviously I had a pretty vivid imagination and no Hells Angels were coming to take me away.

Yes, Hells Angels have a reputation but as I've learned with most motorcycle clubs, it's about camaraderie, doing community service, and the love for the bikes and open roads that really matters to most motorcycle riders.

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