Well it's that time of year again time to tally our tax bill for last year. It used to be a happy time of year for me when I was a single Mom, I always got a refund from the IRS. Now that I am a married woman in a duel income home that reality has changed. The good news is we are getting a refund this year Because I have an excellent accountant and I claim 'Single and 0' on my W-4. I wouldn't dream of cheating on my taxes but if you know someone who does you could earn a reward from the IRS. Here's the scoop:

A new survey by the IRS Oversight Board reveals that 12% of Americans believe it is ok to cheat on your taxes. Other findings:

- 86% of people say it's "not at all" acceptable to cheat on taxes

- the IRS rewards those, who snitch on tax cheats. They pay a reward of 15% to 30% of any amount exceeding $2 million that it collects from a tax cheat. The reward is 15% (max) for anything less than $2 million