A very disturbing story was posted this week by the Tri-Cities Animal Control services regarding 2 separate incidences in Kennewick where cats were found mutilated...I will warn you the information contained in this post is graphic

Here are the details and how YOU can help:

From TC Animal Control Services:


Stranger Danger For CATS!!

Last week animal control was called to assist the Kennewick Police Department in an investigation of a decapitated cat found on its owners property in the vicinity of Costco in Kennewick. Last night, animal control investigated a cat found cut in half in the area of Vancouver and 37th in Kennewick. It appears the cats were cut with an extremely sharp object as the cuts were clean.

Please call Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services if you have any information. Any suspicious activity on your surveillance camera? Call us if you find a dead cat or dog in the city limits of Pasco, Kennewick or Richland. We can be reached at 509-545-3740.

No matter where you live, If you own a cat and allow them to roam, they could be in danger. They are at risk to catch disease, attacks by dogs and other predators, being hit by vehicles and vulnerable to cruel people who torture and kill cats (poison, shoot, burn, drown).

Because of the many deadly hazards that cats face outdoors, cat owners can leash train their cat to go on walks, or build a cool outdoor area like a screened porch, or closely supervise them for outdoor time.

Please keep your pets safe!!

Please keep your fur friends safe...and call the proper authorities is you have any information.

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