Believe it or not, when it comes to Rest Stops, we rank above.

I never knew there was a ranking. But, after some investigation, I did indeed find out, that Washington and Oregon have some of the best rest areas.

Some of us travel. And, we all have to go. We all have to stop at some point.

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Some of us are traveling by ourselves. Some have a partner. Some have children.

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And some, even have four-legged friends that need to get out and walk and do their business.

Did you know, there's a national ranking of highway area rest stops?

I didn't. It's amazing what a little research can dig up. It turns out, that the Tri-Cities area has some of the best rest stops around! Who knew? And, you can read reviews on Yelp and Google.

The Top 5 Rest Stops in the Tri-Cities and surrounding area are:

#5...Vernita Rest Area...

Nice, clean, non-busy rest stop before you get on I-82. There is a specific area for pets so you can let your animals stretch their legs or go to the bathroom. There is also an RV dump. The restrooms are very clean and even have heaters that turn on for the chillier nights so you don't walk into a super cold bathroom. There are a lot of nearby fast food restaurants, payphones, and name-brand coffee shops. There's even a gelato/sorbeto shop nearby which I think I might check it out the next time I'm around.

Oh! They have video surveillance of the area and also civilian patrol so you shouldn't have to worry about getting mugged or anything. But of course, use common sense. And I didn't forget the truckers. This is also a truck stop. ~

(Josh B)

#4...Granger Travel Area

Incredible truck stop guys parking here for probably like 60 to 75 trucks and there's barely anyone here which is kind of surprising cuz there's a Walmart DC down the street with brand new washing machines brand new dryers plenty of food options food was incredible calzones Pizza burgers all kinds of stuff prices aren't all that bad places to walk around to get out of your truck and get some exercise very clean very friendly highly recommend everybody check it out fuel prices are pretty decent also. ~ (Alan M)

#3...Hatton Coulee Rest Area

Very clean rest area! Large area for kiddos to run and benches to eat at or sit at. Beautiful rest area! ~ (Layne)

#2...Prosser Safety Rest Area

When traveling by, this has always been our place to stop, facilities always clean & stocked. Area to take dogs out. An area for cars to park and anothwr for trucks. Well kept manicured lawn. Picnic tables, shade trees, and nice place to stop while traveling. Walking distance to gas, fast food and conveniece stores. Short drive down the road to a recreational dispensary.~ (Danette M)

#1...Ryegrass Safety Area Eastbound

Plenty of parking for conventional truck and trailer both length and width. Restrooms are heated and it was windy in the area of this rest stop on this evening I layed over for the night. Trash receptacles were easy to get to right in the island between truck and auto parking. It's a good spot to take your break. Nice views to on the hill top.~ (C. Parker)

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