C&S Coffeehouse formally known as Tom Tom Espresso is popping up with spots all over town and their newest location is going to be in Terrace Heights.

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the newest location is about to have their Grand Opening

This coming Tuesday, October 27th from 7 am - 11 am C&S Coffeehouse is going to be celebrating the Grand Opening of the Terrace Height location at 2961 Stonewood Court Suite C Yakima, WA 98901.

Swing through the Drive Thru and receive a free coffee of your choice. Up to a 24oz, Coffee, Tea, Lemonade or Italian Soda. 1 Per person, must be present. While you are there, you will get a swag bag!

Sounds like they have been collecting swag from multiple local businesses to fill the bags and you know how it goes, first come first serve until they run out. What kinds of cool stuff could you get?

Synthea Gentry
Cake pops that their artists make
  • Free merch from C&S Coffeehouse (did you know they have beanies?)
  • Pastry Samples like cake pops
  • Scentsy from Stephanie Leonard
  • Graphite Construction is offering up baseball caps
  • Terri from Farmasi Beauty has dropped off a TON of free products
  • Certa Pro Painters swag

I'm hoping that everyone takes advantage of this awesome opportunity to support a local business and get a free drink. Pay attention, I don't want you feeling some type of way. This will only be happening on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 between the hours of 7 am and 11 am. Also, one per person and you must be present so if you are trying to hook-up a friend, they gotta be with you.

Enjoy a coffee, tea, italian soda or lemonade

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