What Is The Rudest City In Washington State?

Everyone has had the experience of encountering a rude person while out and about. But, which city in Washington State is most likely to give you an unpleasant experience?


Which Town Is Ruder? Seattle Or Tacoma?

As a true Washingtonian, I'd hate to have a bad reputation about anything in our beloved state but sadly you can find rudeness anywhere including in some of the friendliest cities in Washington.

I guess I'm not surprised by the results of this survey as I lived on the west side for a few years.

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According to an article from bestlifeonline.com, I don't think you'll be surprised to find that Seattle inches Tacoma as Washington State's rudest town.


Seattle vs. Tacoma

When it comes to rudeness, Seattle and Tacoma are often mentioned in the same breath.

This could be because these two cities are quite close together geographically. But, after polling locals and visitors alike, it seems that Seattle just barely edges out Tacoma when it comes to rudeness.


Many people attribute this to Seattle's larger size, as well as its more competitive job market—it can be hard for some people to stay kind when they're feeling the pressure of having to compete with so many other talented professionals.

What About The Rest of Washington State When It Comes To Rudeness?

Of course, it isn't fair to judge everyone in Washington State based on just two cities.

After all, there are plenty of other places throughout the state that offer up a pleasant experience.


Spokane is often touted as one of the friendliest cities in the state; its inhabitants have a laid-back attitude that makes any visitor feel welcome.

Meanwhile,  Bellingham consistently ranks high on lists for best places for both living and visiting—even if you don't encounter friendly locals here (which you probably will), you'll at least get treated politely by nearly everyone you meet!

In conclusion, there's no single city in Washington State that can accurately be named “the rudest”—but if we had to pick one city where visitors might encounter more unpleasant behavior than others, it would be Seattle.

Here's the breakdown of the numbers from bestlifeonline.com

Rudest cities: Seattle

Percentage of the state that's rude: 0.31

Percentage of rude drivers: 3.1

Unfriendly rank: 6

Rude customer rank: 6

Rudeness Score: 67.74

We placed 3rd rudest state in America thanks in part to Seattle. You can read more details on the survey here.

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