Here Are 15 Awesome Attractions To Tour In Tri-Cities Washington

are you looking for a fun activity to do in Tri-Cities Washington with the family? We've compiled 15 awesome tours you can do in the Tri-Cities or near the Columbia Basin. 


Hanford's Reactor B In Richland Washington Is One Tour You Should Go On

It's surprising how many residents and visitors don't realize how many things are available to do in the Tri-Cities.

You've heard the kids say "I'm bored".

How Many Of These Places Have You Been In Tri-Cities Washington?

Well, from historical landmarks to newly-built attractions, tours offer something that everyone in your family can enjoy – engaging stories about the area’s history, first-hand accounts from locals, and exciting new sights.

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So ditch the iPads this weekend and come along with us on an adventure through town; let us show you just how much fun taking a tour can be - We've compiled 15 tours near and in the Tri-Cities, for you to check out - We've also added a link to each of these attractions website for easy access.

15 Awesome Places You’ll Want To Tour in Tri-Cities Washington

If you are visiting Tri-Cities Washington, here are fifteen places you must tour on your next visit.

The next time the kids say they are bored or if you are looking for activities for your out-of-town visitors, here are 15 tours that you can check and enjoy here in the Tri-Cities Washington area.

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needing a road trip on the cheap? Here are seven roadside attractions near the Tri-Cities that are free to check out.

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