This story is making national headlines. A Yakima man had his vehicle towed out of the Yakima River after he tried to "fill up" his radiator in the river.

According to the Yakima County Sheriff's Office and an article in Newsweek. The Yakima man intentionally drove his blue Chevy Suburban into the river to fill up his radiator after replacing its thermostat.

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The incident occurred on Tuesday as the Sheriff's Department was called out about 11 AM to Century Landing near Yakima and Union Gap. The officers discovered a Suburban submerged in the water with the owner nearby.

The owner explained that he'd replaced the thermostat and was trying to "fill up" the radiator when he drove the vehicle into the Yakima River.

Emergency Services towed the vehicle from the water.

I'm hoping the guy doesn't try and fill up the blinker fluid next!

You can read more details about the incident here. 

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