Some people really get into spring cleaning! I however, seem to get this intense desire to clean out and get rid of stuff when fall comes. I've often thought that sometimes in life we have just too many options!

I have to admit I have had mounds of shoes piling up on my closet floor for as long as I can remember. I've tried different ways to organize them. I've kept them in boxes with labels, I've bought numerous wracks, shelves, etc. trying to find a way to see them and yet keep them in a tidy fashion!

Before long...the mound on my closet floor is back. And I'm entirely frustrated! I even thought of turning a spare bedroom into a huge closet and putting shelves all along each wall to display shoes!

I have felt overwhelmed and completely annoyed all because I can't seem to keep my shoes in a organized fashion! Yet, the thought of parting with my shoes and boots, (some that I hardly wear and have paid upwards of 150 or more on) was just painful! I just couldn't do it...UNTIL TODAY!

I don't know what came over me...but, all of a sudden I realized. "Maybe someone else could really use these shoes!" We all have done it, the “3-day sale" on shoes at the local department store. where you buy 6 pair cause it's a great deal or the purchase of a unique pair that ONLY go with that one outfit that you never wear anymore but for some reason, you keep the shoes forever!

Well, NO MORE for me! I gathered up all but about 6 pair of shoes from my closet and plan to donate them to one of the organizations that help distribute them to people that can really use them! While I was at it, I also gathered together all the handbags that I've used on and off through the last few years. I had at least a dozen old purses still in great shape!

Columbia Industries Donation Bin

I called the Domestic Violence Services of Benton and Franklin Counties and found that they have a share program with New Beginnings Thrift Store in Richland. I understand women and children who need services from there, can get vouchers and spend them at New Beginnings. Also, Worksource apparently has a program and accepts donations and so does Safe Harbor Crisis Center. I'm sure there are plenty of other organizations like Goodwill, St. Vincent De Paul's, Columbia Industries and more!

I feel like a FREE woman now! It feels so great that tomorrow, I'm going to start on all my clothes and clean out all my closets. Then it's on to my kitchen! I think I own four blenders! How does that happen?! That is next on my list!

The economy is tough for a lot of people right now! So, here is me...asking you...that if there is junk at your house that is just taking up room in your closets, maybe it's great time to get rid of stuff! It may just possibly be a treasure for someone else who needs clothes for their next job interview or a coat to keep warm, that you haven't worn in years! It may help someone who could REALLY use it!

Good luck, have fun, and thank you!

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