Best Sandals for Summer
This is the time of year where the weather is warming up and you're looking to have less on your feet because of the heat. Check out these brands and styles for an effortless yet stylish look:
I Cleaned Out My Closet and Realized I Have Way to Many Shoes
This weekend I decided it was time to purge my closet. Get rid of things I don't use clothes I don't really wear ect. Then there was the shoes. I probably have 75-100 pairs of shoes,flip flops,wedges,tennis shoes ect...and they were the hardest to part with well I looked it up and here are some surprising shoe facts!
Adidas Apologizes Over ‘Shackle’ Shoe Design
Sports clothing major Adidas has worked with avant garde designer Jeremy Scott on many shoes for its Adidas Originals collection. But a recently unveiled design has caused so much controversy that the company has nixed its plans to sell them and offered an apology for causing offense. Called the JS Roundhouse Mids, some people were repulsed at the “chain & shackle” design which reminded them o