The New Kids on the Block may not have to deal with as many screaming crowds as they used to, but for some fans, the ’80s never ended – and they aren’t shy about letting the band know.

Donnie Wahlberg got a reminder of this during a recent stop on the New Kids’ joint tour with the Backstreet Boys, when he wandered into the stands while they performed ‘Tonight.’ Presented with the opportunity to get a piece of a real live New Kid, one particularly zealous fan latched on, and wasn’t in any hurry to let go.

In fact, it took several security guards to pry Wahlberg from the concertgoer’s grip, as captured in some fan footage from the show. No word on whether he ended up saying ‘Please Don’t Go Girl’ or watched security walk her ‘Step by Step’ to the exits, but either way, you’ve got to hand it to her for an awesome display of audacity.

See Donnie Wahlberg Get Attacked While Performing ‘Tonight’

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