I like Beyoncé I guess, but not as much as THIS GUY! This is one of the funniest reactions I've ever seen. It looks like the guy was "hit by the Holy Ghost" at a revival meeting.

I've never freaked out, ever, but as a radio DJ I've witnessed a lot of backstage interactions between fans and artists. I'm so impressed with how Beyoncé handled it.

One time I took a girl backstage to meet Jordan Knight of "New Kids on the Block." Her mom was my client owned a cross stitch store. When we got backstage she gave Jordan an incredible cross stitch of himself that must have took her hundreds of hours. Well, six months later we got a package in the mail from the venue. Jordan had left it backstage and recognizing its value they tracked it back to the radio station.

Experiences like that make me think it's extremely important for every artist to "suck it up butter cup" when meeting fans. I've met many artists who after meeting them backstage I would never purchase their music again.

My worst experience was when a band hit on my wife right in front of me and were jerks generally. My best experience was going backstage to meet Cher. They took us past rooms full of mannequins holding her famous outfits and then rooms with her wigs -- shelves and shelves of them. I was expecting her to be a self-centered crab. She was the opposite. She came walking in saying, "Hi guys! Where are you from? Let's get a picture." She pulled us in and put her arms around us. She's met a bazillion people but she sucked it up, took the time to treat us like people -- like friends, really.

Greg Delange
Greg Delange

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