The newly bought Goonies House in Astoria Oregon is coming under fire thanks to a cranky neighbor.

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If you’re a fan of the 1985 classic The Goonies, then you know how iconic the Goonies house is to the movie.

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Located in Astoria, Oregon, and built more than a century ago, this Victorian-style house served as a backdrop for some of the film’s most memorable scenes.


The house has had its fair share of fans over the years and is one of the most-visited locations in Astoria.

The home recently sold for $1.2 million and the good news, a fan of the Goonies movie is encouraging fans to check out the house.

The previous owners of the property didn't appreciate the attention but with the passing of the property to new owners, they'll be embracing the Goonie fans and are excited for the future of the property.

That being said, a neighbor of the property two-doors down doesn't seem to want the attention and has posted a massive banner exclaiming "Goonies Not Welcome".

photo courtesy: KGW Devon Hawkins
photo courtesy: KGW Devon Hawkins

KGW's Devon Haskins posted some rebuttal images as neighbors came to the rescue of the Goonies house.

Here's what Devon's article posted as a response from the new owners:

His neighbor two houses down hung a banner that reads “GOONIES NOT WELCOME”.
His response: a banner that reads “HEY YOU GUYS! GOONIES WELCOME!”
His friend that bought the house in between, hung one that says “IGNORE KAREN”, with an arrow pointing next door.
Take a look at some of the responses that the neighbors are posting in response:
We've all had to deal with our own cranky neighbors in the past but it looks like this cranky neighbor isn't going to be very popular in Astoria Oregon.

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