Sundown Training Center's  "Friday Night Lights kicked off the Annual Kids Day Today!!!

"Kids Day" presented by Sundowns Training Center and Washington Hardware  and Furniture will start at noon today!  (Saturday 4-14-12) at the Kennewick Fairgrounds inside the main rodeo arena!

There will be tons of fun activities for the whole family!

Kids can ride a horse or pony or even a miniature donkey! They can brush and even paint on the animals.  There will be all kinds of animals there to pet and play with.

Watch a special hoarse drill team gallop formations! See  horse drawn chariot races, Border Collies working live sheep, and all kinds of other cool demonstrations!

Even if your kid isn't in to animals, thee will be a football pass/punt/kick competition and basketball long shot competition.

The event is only $4 per person but it starts right at noon. So, be sure to get there in time for all the cool performances and demonstrations!

The weather looks great today! So get out and enjoy the day at the Kennewick Fairgrounds! Use main entrance.

Don't miss this fantastic event starting at noon TODAY!

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