Lt. Klem of KPD gives update on site--quickly ran through 500 vaccinations (KPD)

Lt. Klem of the Kennewick Police Department released a video during the 11AM hour Monday, indicating the Benton Fairgrounds Mass Vaccination site has already accounted for it's 500 vaccinations.

The parking lot was slated to open up shortly after 10AM, and as they let people in, and 'signed' them up in line, officials say the 500 vaccinations were quickly accounted for.

Klem says they will re open Tuesday, they had to turn away a number of people and it is closed for Monday.  It will re open 8:30AM Tuesday. 

He urged people to go to, which is the state's eligibility site. He said register online, then you can come to the Fairgrounds.

More details in the video.