I remember when my kids were little, they would hide under a blanket in the middle of the living room. I would wander the house from room to room yelling Where Are You? I Can't Find You!

The kids would finally reveal themselves because I could never find them, you know why? Because when you're under a blanket you are invisible! It works every time in any room anywhere.

Well, maybe not every time. And certainly not in the back seat of a car! Over this past weekend in Stanfield Oregon, eagle-eyed cops were on the hunt for a 26-year-old warrant fugitive. Where did they find him? You guessed it, under a blanket in a vehicle. I'm sure he thought he was invisible, but that just wasn't the case this time.

A second warrant fugitive aged 54 years, was also found in the backseat of a car under a blanket. I wonder if these cops busted them right away, or wandered around the car for several minutes yelling Where Are You? I Can't Find You!

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