How is the COVID pandemic affecting you?  When is the last time you traveled by airplane?

One of today's news items claims that twenty percent of Delta Airlines employees are taking early retirement.  Did I read this right?  17,000 employees will be leaving the company early.  And more airlines are following suit to help cut costs as the pandemic continues.

United has cautioned almost 36,000 employees of possible furloughs in October if they don't take an early retirement option.

Delta is hoping to avoid layoffs.  The company expects it to take at least two years to recover from the pandemic, reporting a 94-percent drop in passenger revenue.

I remember planning my one week of vacation, every year.  Where to go, beach, mountains, which country, etc.  I always looked forward to it.  I guess this year will have to hold off.  A staycation may be the norm for us.  Any ideas?

Better yet, maybe I can plan my DREAM vacation.  It's always nice to dream.  And, it's very affordable.  Where is YOUR dream vacation destination?

Silhouette of palm trees, Tahiti
Kevin Forest
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