This is hilarious! I can see why everyone got rattled! But, it sure shows how hyper sensitive we've become about possible terrorist activity!

I found this story in ABC Entertainment:

It's so secret that flying in a post-9/11 world is a lot more tense than it used to be, and that was pretty evident last week when a simple birthday greeting from the pilot triggered passenger panic.

According to the Long Island Press, on February 24th, the pilot aboard the Southwest Airlines flight from Baltimore to Long Island, New York's MacArthur Airport found out an air traffic controller's mother was on board the flight, so the pilot got on the plane's intercom to wish "the mom on board" a happy birthday.

However, passengers misheard "mom" for "bomb," and panicked. Even after the pilot clarified the statement, the fliers were still rattled enough to complain. The FAA was made aware of the situation, but has no plans to pursue the matter further.

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