Edward Cullen moved to Forks, Washington, because of the perpetually-overcast skies. Forks is the "rainiest" city in America. Bella Swan moved there to be close to family and the two decided to build a life together. All of that is threatened now.

Due to the drought, city wells are running dry. Officials last week issued mandatory restrictions saying water levels are "critical."

The water superintendent checked the wells recently and came back to the mayor shocked and worried.

Recent rainfall has helped the rivers and the salmon runs, but Forks doesn't get water from rivers. One of the five wells has already been shut down. Two or three weeks of constant rain are needed to be in the green zone again.

Watering lawns, filling pools and washing vehicles are all off limits now.

No word yet on how the werewolves are expected to fair. They can drink out of the rivers if they need to, after all.

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