Go figure, some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood are set in Washington, some were even filmed here. I wanna show you some of the most loved movies set in Washington state and where you can watch them.

Sleepless in Seattle is of course a given, so we'll go for a few different choices. I'm sure I'll miss some of your favorites so always reach out and tell me what I need to add to the list or obvious ones I've missed. With that, let's get started.

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5. 10 Things I Hate About You

Not surprisingly I'm sure, this movie became popular overnight raking in around 32 million at the box office. A coming of age story starring movie stars who hadn't truly broken onto the scene, this movie changed that for some. Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and, Joseph Gordon-Levitt all started in this and launched some of their careers with this movie. The thing that makes this one special is the filming that actually took place in Seattle and not on some Hollywood sound stage. Even Tacoma played a big role in the movie, using Stadium High School for their film. If you're looking to check out 10 Things I hate about you, head over to Disney+

4. The Ring

Love them or hate them everyone has a favorite horror movie, The Ring just happens to be in my top 5 ever. They filmed a good amount of the movie in Washington and Oregon, using the mist, fog, and rain the PNW has to offer to add an extra set of dreariness. The Movie follows a cursed videotape and those who watch it only have seven days left to live before the horrifying girl in the videotape shows up. You can catch the ring on Netflix.

3. Harry And The Hendersons

A beloved movie for those living in the PNW and sasquatch lovers all around, this movie took place and was filmed in the PNW. Some of the filming locations took place in Seattle, North Bend, and the Wenatchee National Forest. The Henderson family decides to adopt a sasquatch all while trying to keep the legend of bigfoot a secret. If you have Hulu you can check out the movie there.

2. Twilight

Some people absolutely despise this movie but to many others, it was a series for the ages. Twilight takes place in Forks Washington and was even filmed there and along the Olympic peninsula. Vampire Edward Cullen falls in love with a new girl in town and will do anything in his power to protect her. The series spans over 3 movies and you can currently watch all of them on Netflix.

1. WarGames

This 1983 sci-fi thriller is set in Washington where a teenage boy (Mathew Broderick) hacks into a supercomputer while trying to find a video game to play. When he starts a game of ThurmoNuclearwar he ends up starting what could be the biggest nuclear war in the world. You can check this movie out on Prime Video for $3.99

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