Enormous is the never before told story of one of the world's most beautiful and iconic music venues, The Gorge Amphitheatre.

Enormous Gorge Movie

Enormous: The Gorge Story chronicles how a family-owned Washington winery - with a makeshift plywood stage – eventually became "The Gorge," an internationally-renowned concert venue that has attracted over 7 million fans, and the world's biggest musicians, to a patch of rural farmland "150 miles from nowhere and 15,000 years in the making."  

“There’s no place like it in the world. There’s just something so enormous and endless about the place.”

  • Dave Matthews
Getty Images

Despite the long trek (and perhaps because of it), The Gorge has become "a pilgrimage for the artist and the audience," according to multiple artists and if you've ever been to The Gorge, you know exactly what they mean. The setting is breathtaking, the performances are unparalleled, and the community among its fans is undeniable.

"When people ask me about our band, about Pearl Jam, 'where is your favorite place to play in the world?' This is always number one.”

  • Mike McCready, Pearl Jam
Mike McCready

The director of the movie Nic Davis, said, "The massive scenery and legendary music featured are going to create a really special experience in the theatre. We've even included some never-before-seen footage for this release. I can't wait for people around the US and Canada to experience this one-night-only event."

Xander Deccio/Deccio Creative

Producer Tim Williams added: “This is a rock doc for the here and now. Unlike many ‘once upon a time’ stories, The Gorge is alive and happening now. Watch the film and leave inspired to take your own trip to mecca and have a life-changing musical experience.”

See the trailer.

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As of this writing, the movie is NOT set to play in Yakima or Tri-Cities, only Walla Walla is scheduled to show the film on April 28th.

More on that here, including how to get tickets.