These Surprisingly Seven Things Were Once Banned In Washington State

For a younger generation, they'd be surprised by what was once banned in Washington State and now seems pretty commonplace in our state.


Pinball Machines Were Once Banned In Zillah Washington Believe It Or Not

One of the most unusual bans I came across while researching this article was in 1959 when Zillah Washington instructed the Marshall to make sure minors weren't playing any pinball machines. I guess it was equivalent to buying a pack of smokes out of the vending machine.

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That ban got me thinking, How many other bans have there been in Washington State and what were they?

I've come up with seven bans that might or might not surprise you:

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There you go, seven bans that you might not have known about in Washington State. For a little fun. I included the Zillah pinball ban story below for you.

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