Holiday dinner leftovers are always delicious, my personal favorite happens to be a simple turkey sandwich, that is until I discovered this new creation! I decided to Google my idea after I was done, you know, just to see if I could potentially become rich and famous for this glorious idea. Unfortunately this fabulous creation had already been created, many times over, jerks.

This beautiful, delicious creation is "Everything but the kitchen sink waffles." Simple and scrumptious! Everything is already cooked and prepped from leftover Thanksgiving dinner. If you are like me, you did the traditional turkey, stuffing, taters, gravy and cranberry sauce. If so, that is all you will need to make the best dinner waffle ever.

Take your remaining stuffing and put it into a large mixing bowl, then cut the leftover turkey into tiny little chunks (smaller is better) and add it to the stuffing. In a separate bowl beat one egg with a 1-2 tablespoons of milk (more or less depending on the amount of leftovers). Mix that into the stuffing and turkey, then add your desired amount of cranberry sauce. Mix well. It will be sticky and still thick, you don't want it runny like waffle batter, but you want it gooey so you can spread it slightly. Preheat your waffle iron on medium high. Spoon heaps of mixture into waffle iron, don't overfill. Press and let cook! These take longer than waffles because the egg has to actually cook through. Cook time for me was 8-10 minutes. I like mine a little extra crunchy, almost burnt. You can eat them plain or get creative and use up ALL your leftovers by adding a scoop of mashed taters and drizzle with gravy. This will now be a tradition in my house. A great way to clean out the fridge and serve a delicious meal!

Everything but the kitchen sink waffle