An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect for dangerously hot conditions in the PNW.

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The National Weather Service is forecasting dangerously hot conditions for Washington and Oregon through late Thursday night. Temperatures will reach between 103 to 109 degrees in some areas of central, north central and northeast Oregon and south central and southeast Washington.

Please watch for signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Benton County, WA Government-Twitter
Benton County, WA Government-Twitter

According to the Washington State Department of Health:

Heat-related illnesses and deaths are preventable. Since many Washingtonians do not have air conditioning in their homes, cooling off can be a challenge, particularly for people with health conditions, the elderly, and infants.

Tips to stay cool in the excessive heat:


Drink plenty of fluids and stay in air conditioning. The library or the mall are great places to visit. If you visit your community pool, please bring sunscreen.

Keep your home cool by closing windows and shaded during daylight.

Keep pets safe. Walk on grass instead of asphalt. Walk your pets early in the morning and later in the evening. Never leave pets or people in a parked vehicle.

Wear lightweight and loose fitting clothing. If you work outdoors, take frequent breaks.

If you go swimming or boating, follow water safety tips. Wear a life jacket that fits. Remember that rivers and lakes are still cold. Jumping into cold water can cause shock and drowning. You're advised to ease into temperature changes.

Check out what's expected this week from the NWS in Pendleton:


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