In case you hadn't heard, I will be moving from Tri-Cities to the West Side of the state on Aug 8th. My last day on the air is Aug 2nd.

I am overwhelmed with emotion as I try to figure a way to say Thank you and goodbye to so many of you that have been such a big part of my life for nearly three decades!

I am humbly honored that KNDU and Tracci Dial News came to the station and did an interview with me about my impending departure!

There is so much I want to say to each one of you and yet, it's hard to find the words to tell you all just what it has meant to me, that you have allowed me into your lives and supported me in radio, singing and on television.

This community, and all of you have been such an amazing and wonderful part of my growth and experiences for the past 30 years! I love you all! And will keep you posted and in touch on facebook!

If you missed the interview here it is again! Tracci Dial is the best! Thanks to all of them at KNDU TV!

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