It makes me so happy when people are just simply kind to me. It honestly is what keeps me having faith in the world! (no pun intended). Acceptance and unconditional love from people is a such wonderful gift that you can give. If it's genuine and honest!

I never underestimate the power of kindness because it means so much to ME! And, so I assume it's important to everyone.

You'd think that it's the easiest thing in the world to simply be kind. But, for many.. it is difficult. And I understand that too. People get very caught up in how to survive their own challenges in life and it's hard to see past things at times.

I have always found  it easy to love people, It just comes easy for me. Maybe it's genetics, maybe it's  the way I was raised. Maybe it's my spiritual side. I don't know. But, I have always thought EVERYONE is generally good in their heart and worth loving.

I thought everyone felt the way I do..but, I know now that is not the case and I find it so admirable that people that find it hard to be kind, will TRY anyway and challenge themselves to look deep to find something to appreciate about another person and learn to be kind to them anyway, even if it doesn't come naturally.

So, however it is for you...Just know that KINDNESS is so important to people like me. And I think everyone appreciates when someone treats them kindly! And..of course random acts of kindness are always fun to do! So, go make the world a better place today and do something kind for someone! Even if it's just to smile and say hello! <3


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