Fiesta Foods announced they are closing their Hermiston location, and the building will be soon occupied by Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.

The store began a clearance that began Wednesday May 1st. 20% off is being offered on all items, except for lottery sales and alcohol (which are partly price controlled by state due to taxes and regulations).

Newstalk870 received the following statement from Ana Ruiz, who is the PR and Marketing Director for the Fiesta Foods chain:

"We monitor closely the long-term performance of our stores, and the future needs of our business model. We look at our business market-by-market to understand where we have opportunities to grow while also being as efficient as possible in serving our customers, and communities” said Craig Gaylord, president and owner of Fiesta Foods. “Evaluating the needs in the markets we are in, and the investment needed to sustain this store, our team concluded it made the most sense to close this store and focus on other ways we can best serve the communities we are in and perform the best; Pasco, Sunnyside, and Yakima.”
“Back in 1991 Hermiston offered me the opportunity to have my first grocery store Shop N Kart. When a perceived opportunity was presented to come back to the community in 2009, it was like coming back home. As a business owner, each of our stores gives me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships throughout the local communities we are in, and that has been the case in Hermiston.

We value the dedication and hard work of our Hermiston employees and are committed to supporting them through this transition.” said Mr. Gaylord.

Fiesta Foods is working with each impacted employee to determine their next steps and will work hard to find new roles for them within the company whenever possible. A lease contract for a portion of the building has been signed, remodeling will begin to accommodate needs of future retailer, Mr. Gaylord will continue to own the real state.

Fiesta Foods will continue to make significant investments across its group of stores in Pasco, Sunnyside , and Yakima to enhance the customer service experience, and best prices in the markets it serves."

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