Thieves are getting more bold and greedy in and around the Tri-Cities.

A Finley man recently bought a camper on Craigslist and soon discovered that it had been stolen that morning, talk about bad luck!

The Kennewick PD posted the found camper on Facebook and are continuing the search for the thieves according the posting by the KPD.

This trailer was stolen from Kennewick Thursday morning. It was recovered in Finley Thursday evening. After being stolen, the trailer was sold via an on-line sales ad, and recovered from the person who had purchased it. The trailer has been returned to the owner and case being investigated. If you have information regarding the theft, please call Dispatch 628-0333 referencing case# 17-19520.

kpd facebook image

It's good to be on alert this time of year because not only cars and trucks are stolen, but recreational vehicles as well.

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